Stop DWI, Inc.
Charles Hodges- CEO/Executive Administrator

Faye Higgins-Hodges- President

Debra Linton - Community Program

Phyllis Peek - Court Monitor-Victim Advocate

Helen Rockwood - Court Monitor - Program

Stop DWI, Inc, is located in Midland, and serves the West Texas Permian
Basin Region. We are dedicated to reduce the social and economic
impact of Driving Recklessly,  Driving Intoxicated or Impaired, Driving
While Using Hand-held Electronic Devices, and Combating Underage
Drinking and Consumption of Additional Drugs. We accomplish this
through public awareness, education, prevention and research. We also
offer emotional assistance to Victims of DWI and Distracted Driving
Motor Vehicle Crashes.

This is How We Do It

Through informative, hands-on educational programs, presented in high
schools, on college and university campuses, in churches, civic groups,
business and industry, and community groups, and our Victim Impact
Panel Class, we hope to make people more aware of the dangers of  
driving under the influence of alcohol and additional drugs, texting
while driving or using hand-held electronic devices while driving, and
underage consumption of alcohol or additional drugs